Interior Design of the 1970s

I have been thinking about how I might, in the long run, treat the interior of ChinChin.

These campers were built in the 1970s, and the interior design clues you right into that. Bold orange, yellow, or green, mixed with browns. Faux wood paneling, shag carpet, and loud plaid on the cushions. As much as I appreciate the idea of keeping a snap shot of time intact, I know ChinChin will need some new bits. That means I have a blank canvas to work with.

Budget is always an issue, so I’m unlikely to make many changes at first, but I’m having fun thinking through some possible themes. One possibility is certainly era-appropriate, if not original. ChinChin is two years younger than I am. Harkening back to the days of my childhood is an interesting emotional exercise. I tend to put 70s interior design into three categories: I love it, I can appreciate it, and WHO COULD EVER LIVE THAT WAY.

The aspects I love are almost always either a 70s take on a 50s original, or a 70s take on “the future”. The things I appreciate are usually the boldness of pattern and color, or examples of thoroughly embracing disco culture. The examples that I just can’t wrap my head around usually involve taking any of these elements too far. Filling a room with one pattern, or leaving no room for light or air. Ick.

I love color, but the small space may dictate keeping things more simple. Maybe I’ll go all white, bed-in style.


Amazon makes shopping for parts easy.

If you have ever shopped for after market car parts that are compatible to your specific make and model, you know it can get tricky. I remember when I was younger, standing at the counter in Auto Zone while the counter person flipped through giant newsprint catalogs or searched in antiquated databases on a DOS based computer.

Pardon me while I have a Luddite moment and declare that I’m not sure we’re better off with all our modern amenities. That being said, we have them, and in many ways they make our lives easier, especially when executed by thoughtful designers and engineers.

Some folks over at Amazon got smart and said, “Let’s make sure we help our customers buy more from us, by checking make and model compatibility for them.”. In their Automotive section you can search for after market parts by make and model.

selecting your model

Once you have started to search by that model, if you select an item it will list known compatibility or not. If it isn’t sure of compatibility, it will let you know that as well.

It is compatible

Amazon uses your search parameters to build a “garage”. This is basically a list of any make and model you have searched by. I’m a little unsure how long it saves your garage. I did a search last night, and I no longer had any cars in my garage by this morning. This may be because I hadn’t added any items to my cart or made any purchases. This morning, by adding items to my cart, it seems to have saved my selections. It is very easy to select which car you will be buying parts for.

Selecting your Model

Once you have a car in your garage, it is kind of fun to look and see all the parts that you can buy through Amazon. By doing a quick search of this kind last night, I confirmed that most after markets parts for ChinChin are not very expensive. WHEW!

Find all compatible parts.

Have fun shopping!